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Jamie T - Zombie

My love, she sees apart from me, possessed behind the eyes
apart from the frighting, the moaning the biting he seemed to be a nice guy
And I know what she thinks when she looks at me, when she looks with such despair.
Well you're not the only one around here, who needs a bit of fresh air

Cause I'm a sad sad post teen
Caught up in the love machine
No dream, come clean
Walking like a zombie. (Like a zombie)

And I'm a cold train, fast lane 
Caught up in the dirt rain
No pain, no gain 
Walking like a zombie. (Like a zombie)

Well, this old place here, man its falling apart
Shes on the road as she goes but she wont get far 
I'm on a show to parole to the toad in the hole
I gotta grow me some roots, I gotta propping up the bar

I got blood shot eyes, and there's blood in my teeth
I got a ripped up jacket and a friend who's a thief
Well I'm frothing at the mouth, tryna put it out
But the fire inside keeps burning - burning out

Hold your own in the situation, don't be afraid to be a friend. 
Cause I wont hurt you, girl or leave you a loose end
You make me alive enough to love again

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